Staple Fiber - Non Woven(DO)(Pd No. : 3021021)

(Updated : Nov/21/2014)
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Model Nm Staple Fiber - Non Woven(DO)
HS CODE 701940
Keywords staple fiber, non woven, spinning, super fiber, pet chip, filament yarn, MINIMAX, DO, NYPORL, THF, HSF, FRF, MICRO-SPLIT, FLOFA,
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[Product Description]

* Carbon-Balck Dope-dyed Polyester

From a polymer state, carbon black powder is injected into polyester, and then the fiber is spun. It displays a rich, vivid black color and has better blackness and colorfastness when used by itself than material that is dyed afterward. Also, when it is mixed with other fibers, various harmonies of color are easy to be created by regulating the amount that is blended.

[Product Features]

* Feature

- Vivid Black Color

Carbon black powder injected into the fiber.

- Excellent Color Fastness

Because the polyester itself is dyed with carbon-black, the color fastness of the black color is excellent and last forever.

- Various Color Blends

DO can be mixed with other colors to easily create a variety of shades.

* Applications

- Non-woven Fabric

Artificial Leather, Interlining, Felt

- Automotive Interior

Floor Mats, Trunk

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