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Blu-ray Optical pick-up is a device that is necessary for playing and recording Blu-ray Disc's digital contents onto Full HD(High Density) TV. It is also a crucial part for Blu-ray px-x-x-layer as it operates the recorded voice and image.

As widely announced, Digital broadcasting will soon be adopted among OECD countries in 2010. Digital TV requires five times higher quality(1080i/p) than analog TV, and the quality of 5.1 channel is needed for Digital TV.

When this market is fully matured, the demand on blu-ray OPU will sharply increase in order to play Full HD contents on HD TV.

We, IM, is conducting the pivotal role in the growing digital broadcasting market with our top-notch product.



Products that support forthcoming legislative standards, just like products that achieve success through necessity are very likely to be successful. When products are created in this genre which exceed minimum standards it is then that the market takes real notice. A company that created a multi purpose optical pick-up for HD (high density) television that has managed to stand out amongst a backdrop of fierce competitors is Korea based IM Co., Ltd. The product while created to meet a set of standards is comprised of quality workmanship, diverse functions and substantial components that have made it a must have for HD television.


The Blu Ray optical pick-up has a surprising number of functions that meet and exceed its founding guideline. The IM Co., Ltd.’s Blu Ray optical pick-up is a necessary component for meeting 2010 OECD digital broadcasting implements. The pick-up is used for both playing and recording Blu Ray disk digital content on to HD television. The additional function of the pick-up is to form a part of Blu Ray px for the operation of sound and images. It is in this diversity of functions that the potential of both refinement and new methods that the company saw from the outset that the stage is set.


The way that the IM Co., Ltd. approached the forthcoming OECD changes was with vigor in the diversification of the functionality of the pick-up. The company’s sound history in refinement of optical pick-ups was ahead of the curve ‘from the get going,’ with this Blu Ray optical pick-up as they saw an opportunity to excel in this specialization. The company has thought forward to refinement of the product after saturation too, with the launch and foresaw the need for immediate plans to innovate, thereby ensuring that they are the best servants of their clients and end users for the market.


The technical feature of the optical pick-up are varied. The pick-up has a recording capacity of 25 gigabytes. The data transfer rate of the pick-up is 40Mbps. It is capable of video recording in MPEG2 and audio recording formats of AC3, MPEG1, x-x-layer2 and a few more formats besides. The wavelength of the blue light laser is 405 nanometers.


Since very early in 2007 IM Co., Ltd. has attended many conferences around Asia and recently enjoyed an award for this reviewed product. Customers cite the versatility in working with the company as well as the quality material and components available as being to the credit of the IM Co. Ltd.


IM Co., Ltd. had a privileged beginning. The major Korean px-x-layer in electronics, Samsung, recognized the ability of their own optical module division to leverage the accumulated technology of Samsung by endorsing the capability of the division to become a self sustaining company. The newly founded company was in the coveted position of being able to leverage 20 or so years of research and development specific to optical modules. They then concentrated immediately on asserting a dominant position globally. The company currently maintains a number one global market share for their efforts. The company has its base in Korea and runs two production bases in China. The company plan to expand into LED illumination as well as healthcare business for their next goals in their coverage of the sector and quest to maintain a premier market share. The technology advantage of the company has set them apart from competitors and has made them easily able to respond to new developments either through changes in standardization or general market demands.


Being the only company of its kind within Korea is not the sole reason for the success of IM Co., Ltd. IM Co., Ltd. had its beginnings as a spin-off from the optical module division of Samsung Electro-mechanics. Since the company’s inception in 2006 they have developed themselves in the tradition of which they were founded and are now world-class competitors.  The company is also listed on the Korean stock exchange. 


IM Co., Ltd.

Name: Park Sukjae Tel: 82-31-231-3149

Homepage: www.im-electronics.com

IM is Korea’s only optic module company, designated as a world-class competitor. We aspire to leverage accumulated optical technology to become a global leader in optical pickup, LED illumination and healthcare business. IM began independent operations after a spin-off from the optical module division of Samsung Electro-Mechanics in Jan 2006. Inheriting 20 years of technology from our parent company, we have successfully pioneered the optical pickup business as a listed company. IM has concentrated ceaseless efforts in R&D and innovation to become a leader in the optical module industry. We currently have a no. 1 global market share in DVD px-layer and blue-ray pick-up, and certified by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy as a world-class product producer and company. Our technological advantage over global competitors in optical modules enables us to secure world-class capability in designing and manufacturing precision optic modules. Aside from headquarters in Korea, IM also operates two production bases and branches abroad. We are promoting sales growth and product diversification through production plants of Dongguan and Xiangtan in China. Since 2006, we have been in close cooperation and communication with relative public organizations in various countries on LED illumination and healthcare business. IM’s future ambition is to leverage its leading optical pickup technology to expand inroads into the LED illumination and healthcare business, which will create new value for the future.

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