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Three seven successes Nail care instruments “777” as a top brand of nail clippers through our passion and challenges over the past 30 years. However, they won’t complacent current reputation. They will take a journey of hope to realize beauty and health of the people around the world for the next 30 years.  


Nail care instruments

-Has many feature to care your hand

-Composed by 100% metal

-Non toxin


[After Use- Manicure set]


Being a man, I must confess I never saw the need for manicuring anything, much less possessing a manicure set. Of course I've probably bought dozens of nail clippers, files and tweezers over the years, leaving them on counter tops, bathroom basins, drug cabinets and so on until they eventually get lost or fall into a crack. One thing I definitely noticed is that no matter how many clippers or files, etc., I have, they inevitably and eventually tend to disappear.


Out of desperation, I bought a manicure set from a large online retailer and I must say I am beyond thrilled. The products inside the container are exceptional and well made. The container looks like a mini stainless steel suitcase. I keep this "suitcase" in the bathroom next to the bathtub, and left specific instructions with my family members to never remove the case or its contents from the bathroom on penalty of death or serious dismemberment. Seriously, though, they too enjoy being able to find what they are looking for easily.


I also found the quality of the pieces to be exceptional. They were all made of metal, instead of the cheap drugstore nail clippers I sometimes find that they have plastic parts where pieces of nail and other debris get stuck. These were solid metal and I could tell they are designed to be strong, last long, and make cleaning easy and simple. Every cutting edge was sharp and without defects.


I was so impressed with the manicure set that I wanted to purchase a few for my family members for the holidays. I went online to check out what other products the company offered and where I could get them. I was amazed to find that the company, "Three Seven," listed a very wide array of products on their Web site. I could see that many of them were designed as sets suited for various purposes and needs. They varied based on the number of pieces in the set as well as the type of case or setting. I found the metal case that I had in addition to fabric sets that resembled wallets. I also saw manicure sets that were designed to be presented outside the case, like a hanger for an old-fashioned safety razor. I also found some very unique and interesting products that I had never seen before. I found nail clippers with a larger and stronger cutting edge for people with thicker nails or those suffering from skin ailments that make the finger or toenails deformed and difficult to cut with regular clippers. I felt that was a thoughtful and innovative idea. I also saw a set of nail clippers with detachable blades. I think the idea was to have several nail heads to keep the clippers hygienic or replace the cutting edge after use without having to throw away the entire clipper.


Along with nail clippers of every size, shape and function that I could imagine (even including small clippers specifically designed for infants), I also saw that Three Seven offered other manicure implements either in sets, like mine, or individually, including tweezers, scissors, files, and cleaning sticks.


I was interested to discover on their Web site that Three Seven has been manufacturing nail clippers and manicure sets since 1975, and they actually export their products all over the world to large retailers including Walmart. According to the Web site, Three Seven manufactures close to 100 million nail clippers every year and exports them to markets in the United States, Europe and all over Asia. They hold over 40% of the global nail clipper market and their market share is increasing every year. Even though their mail products often retail for one or two dollars, their annual revenue exceeds $25 million due to the sheer size of their market dominance. Three Seven is especially prominent in the U.S. market. As I noted above, they are one of the main suppliers of nail care products to Walmart, and hold a 75% share of the entire U.S. nail clipper market.


Three Seven Corp.

Name: SE Ahn Tel: 82-2-556-0316

Homepage: www.threesevencorp.com

Since our establishment in 1975, in the name of DaeSung Industry, THREE SEVEN Corp. has been the world’s top manufacturer of nail clippers and manicure sets, pursuing of the idea, “Delivery of Beauty and health to the whole world by producing small but quality products.” We were successful in emerging “777” as a top brand of nail clippers through our passion and challenges over the past 30 years. However, we will not be complacent with our current reputation. We will take a journey of hope to realize beauty and health of the people around the world for the next 30 years and more.

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company information
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