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[Product Description]

Servo motor is developed and used for operation of R/C models like Model Car, planes, and boat but also, currently, it is used for industrial area, military, and humanoid robot too. It consists of Motor, circuit board, and Gear train and Hitec Servo is top 3 brands from the world.


[Company Introduction]

Model planes are the hobby of choice for many an enthusiast all over the world. The parts and accessories for the hobby have been refined in recent years to a highly technical level where performance and quality is now a standard consumer expectation. A Korea based company that has perfected technology advancement in this respect is Hitec RCD Korea Inc. The company have a range of servos and related equipment that are sold to hobbyists as well as capability that is sold to as diverse organizations as militaries. The company has achieved a status of within the top 3 in the world, for very good reasons.

The company’s analog servos are available for a range of conditions and applications. Applications of the servos include; micro and mini servos, premium sport servos, standard servos, giant scale servos, boat and waterproof servos.


The company’s digital servos are available for a range of conditions and applications. Applications of the servo include; digital micro and mini servos, premium digital servos, gyro and tail servos, ultra premium digital servos, digital servo programmers, robotics and waterproof servos.

The company has two digital servo programmers available and an additional programmer that also performs testing functions for servos.


To support their range the company has many parts and accessories available for servos. The company has; plastic and Karbonite gear sets, metal plastic and metal Karbonite first gears, metal servo gear sets, servo case sets, servo horns and hardware and a range of other servo accessories. The additional servo accessories available include; horizontal servo mounts, servo wing mounts, metal and titanium gear horn screw sets, nylon and Karbonite gear horn screw sets, servo grease, universal ball bearings, Oilite bushing sets and HS-805/815 large ball bearings.


Additional to servos the company makes a range of related products. Also available from Hitec are; aircraft radio systems, 2.4 GHz aircraft receivers and modules, telemetry systems and components, 72Mhz aircraft receivers, transmitter accessories and a range of discontinued aircraft products. The company also has surface radios and receivers. In this surface range are; surface radios, 2.4GHz receivers and combos, 27 and 75 MHz receivers, discontinued surface products and surface radio accessories. The accessories range includes; the spectra 2.4 DSSS module, standard 27 MHz and 75 MHz modules and the spectra 75Mhz synthesized PLL module.


The company sells two glide type airplanes in their range. They have the hawk eye free flight glider that has a wingspan of 22.6 inches or 575 mm. They also have the Sky Scout plane available as a package or a kit with a wingspan of 54.5 inches.


Also a part of the company’s product ranges are parts and accessories. Particularly, the company makes available; transmitter parts and accessories, receiver batteries, parts and accessories, switches, battery boxes, wiring and adapters, frequency modules and crystals as well as apparel and promotional items.


Hitec RCD Korea Inc. is primarily a manufacturer of R/C radios, servos, receivers and accessories. The company has achieved a coveted leader status across the world. Hitec has offices in the U.S.A., Japan, Germany and China. Additionally, the company also has a manufacturing facility in the Philippines. The company has built a strong distribution channel in order to support their success and they export to 80 countries. The technology has been realized through a diverse range of very specialist applications. 

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