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[Product Description]

Zenesis is a plarform technology that brings to life dramatic improvement in diamond tool performance by its ability to custom design and mass produce optimal patterns of diamonds based on application needs.


- Conventional Diamond Tools

• Diamonds are randomly distributed

• Random variation results in inconsistent product performance

• Trade off is made between cutting speed and life


- Simple Arrangement of Diamonds

• Elimination of random distribution provides only marginal improvement in performance



[Product Features]

Ehwa Diamond Industrial company began research into the Zenesis range of tools in 2000 and now boasts a comfortable 30% improvement in cutting times when compared with their own innovations. 

Zenesis diamond tools precisely represent the cutting edge of the saw blade supply industry. 


There is much value in diamonds as industrial cutters. While best-known to most as a girl’s best friend diamonds have a huge strength that lends them to tasks that are formidable to most other metals or combinations of elements. In fact in jewel-speak it is the diamond’s hardness that lends the gem to cutting.  Hardness is how well the material is bonded and diamonds are cited as the hardest-known, naturally occurring material.  The advantages of diamond grinding tools mainly stem from a diamond’s properties as a hard material.  The major advantages are that there is a higher grinding efficiency with a lower grinding force, a high resistance to wearing out, a longer lifespan and a lower overall cost for production due to a low processing cost for each piece manufactured with diamond saws or grinding.  All of those conventional benefits are available to customers with Korea diamond tools from Ehwa and their own set of benefits.  Ewha Diamond ?? cite the benefits of the Zenesis range of diamond tools as: random diamond distribution and their ability to custom design tools with diamond spacing according to client needs.


Zenesis tools are not the same as others and do represent an industry difference and performance edge.  Conventional diamond tools use powder and diamonds in order to achieve a mix and spread across a saw or cutting tool.  With Zenesis, a registered trademark, they are able to precisely engineer the exact pattern needed for a specific need, set of conditions or application.  To achieve their results Ehwa researched diamond patterning since the 1960s.  Zenesis achieved a 30% improvement in cutting speed and a 70% improvement in the lifespan of the tool with their diamond distribution methods. Ehwa based the improvement percentage on performance of their own other tools.  Zenesis is a platform technology.


Along with their technology and OEM approach to application of patterning there are standardized Zenesis product lines available.  Zenesis manufacture cured concrete blades, wall saw blades, trimming blades and core bits. The Geo-pro core bits are especially developed for high performance under severe ground conditions.  The Geo-pro series is based on their predecessor series, Explorer.  The Explorer series itself is part of the Zenesis range and is built for harsh conditions but the Geo-pro is the leader in performance under severity.  Zenesis core drills are also able to perform under harsh conditions and were the most developed tool as far as optimal patterning of diamonds is concerned, in order to be able to deliver this performance to clients.  Zenesis blades were also developed and optimized for patterning, and are designed to fit both high- and low-powered machines and perform under both abrasive and softer conditions.


Customers and industry experts speak highly of Ehwa diamond tools and the Zenesis series.  Zenesis tools are frequently reviewed by industry alongside other longstanding industrial px-x-x-layers, often with superior offerings.  Also widely cited on viral media such as YouTube the Zenesis tool range is one certainly worth raving about.  Customers also appreciate the ability it gives them to customize their diamond patterning. They are also reassured by the established strength of the company giving them up-to-date information on optimal performance available for best practice of a given tool or series of conditions and materials to be cut.  Ehwa diamond tools have served customers the world over and have an established reputation as reliable suppliers of diamond cutting tools.


Ehwa diamond has been in operation since 1975, researching their diamond patterning since the 1960s.  They have sold tools to offshore clients since 1986 and have been awarded ISO 9001 and 14001.  Ehwa diamond also manufacture industrial tools as well as semiconductor tools.  Ehwa is also active in Green IT and takes pride in serving industry since its inception.  Ehwa took two years since 2000 to develop the Zenesis range, which it measured against its own previous tool benchmarks in accordance with its goal to consistently improve its performance for the sake of the industries they serve and to retain its position as an industry leader. 



Name: Park, Soo Hee Tel: 82-31-370-9290

Homepage: www.ehwadia.co.kr

Since 1975, EHWA DIAMOND has been growing rapidly by developing long-term partnerships with worldwide and continues to strive towards excellence in providing the very best in customer satisfaction through product innovation and improvements. EHWA also has become an international benchmark for success because of our ability to adapt quickly to the changing markets and diverse needs of customers, and by leading the way in applying the most advanced technology for manufacturing industrial diamond tools. The key to our flexibility and strength in the global marketplace is our many alliances with reliable overseas partmers and customers throughout the world. EHWA is actively pursuing globalization by partnership with reliable companies around the world to cope with effectively with many changes in the industry. The international connections of EHWA have helped secure a great number of customers around the world and obtain reputation as a reliable supplier of quality diamond tools. International cooperation in the diamond tools industry is gaining more speed with the discovery of new technologies. EHWA is playing an active role in promoting international cooperation in the industry. EHWA purchases only the highest quality materials, industrial diamonds and CBN from reputable sources such as D.I. from U.S.A., Element six from Ireland, Tomei and Showadenko from Japan. In addition to having strong supply lines with major manufacturers in Europe, Japan, and U.S.A. under several reasearch and development of high precision diamond tools, roller dressers, and precision electroplated diamond tools. The success of a company depends on its ability to adapt and compete in the global marketplace. EHWA is able to survive in the age of globalization because we are already globalized. EHWA diamond tools are your strategic partner for success and EHWA is deeply committed to keeping customers up-to-date and equipped with the most competitive products and technical information. Our success can only be measured by the success of our customers.

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company information
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