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INNOX has constructed mass production systems standing on its own unique technologies in manufacturing FPC materials. INNOFLEX will meet your needs for both reliable products and satisfactory service



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New IT innovations require new materials produced to the highest international standards so that component and end product performance is enhanced. A Korea based company that has made it their business to produce useful, high quality and multi function materials for IT products is INNOX of Korea. The company has produced several different films, some adhesive and double adhesive, for the purpose of maximizing profit, not just for themselves, for manufacturers through performance, reliability and innovation.


The company has systems in place to serve clients. INNOX has constructed mass production systems based on the company’s own technologies and the experience they have developed through the course of making FPC materials.


The material used to construct INNOFLEX the coverlay has some special features. The coverlay is made from a composite polyimide film coated with flame retardant epoxy adhesive functions. The coverlay is a protector for exposed parts of circuits on etched copper-laminated film. The coverlay is excellent in heat resistance, adhesion, insulation, flame retardation and elasticity. The characteristics of the coverlay render it highly useful to microcircuits an application that is made especially favorable due to the evenly coated adhesive.

The Innoflex coverlay has some technical specifications. The film is available in 0.4 / 0.5 / 1 mil. The adhesive is available in 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 THK ㎛ and Tg of 70 or 90 degrees Celsius. The release paper is available in 120 ㎛.


The company’s double and single adhesive INNOSEM LOC tape has some general features. The tape is made from polymide film and both sides are coated with a polymide based heat resistant thermoplastic adhesive and functionally the tape adheres lead x-frames to chips in memory semiconductor packages. The tape is known for its excellent punching property and wide range of processing temperatures. Yet the tape is stable at room temperature. The adhesive gains its strength from its even distribution across the tape.


 The tape does act to minimize ion impurities. The industrial applications of the tape include; 16-512 DRAM memory, 4 to 8 GB NAND flash memory, SOJ, TSOP packages and for power TR packages. The tape is available in a thickness of 5 to 150 ㎛. The tape is of a maximum width of 2 mm and a maximum length of 400㎥.


Industry and clients have rewarded the performance of INNOX in their development and manufacture of IT materials. The company has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 2001. In recognition of export sales volumes the company has been awarded several prizes for export sales figures in the tens of millions. The company has registered over 14 patents related to their materials and has more patents in process. Six of the company’s patents are registered internationally.


Additional products made by the company include; LOC tape, lead lock tape, PSA tape, sacer Tape, QFN tape, WBL film INNOFLEX : FCCL, coverlay, bonding sheet, stiffener, MI shielding film, metal CCL INNOLED : PDL, board, encapsulation and OCA materials.


The INNOX Co. was founded in 2001 as Saehan Micronics. The company listed the venture INNOX on the Korean stock exchange in 2006. 2009 was the year that the company achieved top five positions for market share domestically and internationally. All of the company’s product manufacturing is conducted in clean room conditions and meets international standards. The company mainly produces; IT materials that are based on polymer and converting FPCB, semiconductor PKG and OLED and display materials. The company has an offshore network that includes China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines. 


INNOX corporation

Name: Eric Kim Tel: 82-41-536-9784

Homepage: www.innoxcorp.com

INNOSEM : LOC Tape, Lead Lock Tape, PSA Tape,sacer Tape, QFN Tape, WBL Film INNOFLEX : FCCL, Coverlay, Bonding Sheet, Stiffener,MI Shielding Film, Metal CCL INNOLED : PDL, Board, Encapsulation & OCA Materials

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company information
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