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First mass-produce electric scooters in Korea

Noise free, exhaust free

same performance as 50cc scooters



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Think Green…think Luce! The first Korean company to develop an electric scooter, this green, environmentally friendly company is creating a new energy paradigm.


Electric vehicles are gaining increasing attention worldwide, especially in view of the sluggish global economy and constantly rising oil prices. That is why socially conscious consumers are turning their eyes toward forms of transport that cause less damage to the environment of this beautiful planet of ours.


Two-wheeled vehicles in particular are a highly popular form of transport, especially in many Southeast Asian nations, as they are a cheap and quick transportations means, especially for poorer classes of people. However, their excessive noise is a constant problem as they not only disturb the peace in many neighborhoods, but also cause unacceptably high levels of pollution through uncontrolled gas emissions.


Along came a company, established just eight years ago in 2004, which had a dream of planting a small seed and watching it grow into a big tree that can benefit people all over the world. Ecocar Inc. planted a small seed by expanding production of its special equipment vehicles such as its multi-purpose sprayer, to future-growth sectors  −namely electric two wheeled eco-friendly vehicles and quick-charging stations for such vehicles, which are seen by many as the next-generation growth sectors.


This innovative company has a vision, not only seeing the huge potential market for these vehicles in the future, but also creating the infrastructure needed in the form of readily available quick charging stations. After all, owning such an electric vehicle would be worthless if one did not have access to convenient facilities to keep it adequately charged, right?


In 2005, within just a year of its establishment, Ecocar Inc. was selected by the Korea’s Ministry of Environment as a model project company for the supply of electric two-wheeled vehicles to the Ministry. In 2007, it registered as many as eight patents related to EV technology and was selected by Seoul City as its official supplier of two-wheeled EVs in 2008, and again in 2010 and 2011. What’s more, in 2011 it was registered as an official supplier to the U.S. Federal Government for the two-wheeled EVs and was given the NATO manufacturer symbol.


In Europe, the company is seeing sharply rising sales figures for its two-wheeled EV, LUCE. It expects to capture 7 percent of the global market for these vehicles within this year and is already establishing a presence in markets in China, Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian nations, as well as South America and the United States. Consumers in many countries are being won over by the stylish lines and design of LUCE, not to speak of its quieter and emission-free performance that has so much less impact on the environment than traditional two-wheeled vehicles. It comes in either red, black, or white − universal colors chosen to appeal to most consumers.


It operates on a LI-Ion high-efficiency battery and BLDC motor, LED turning light mounted to the rear view mirrors. It also features a multi-functional dashboard, high brightness LED lamp and dual-protection headlamp. The maximum speed of LUCE is 60kph (overseas model 45kph) and it has a driving range of 90km before recharging (based on 35km av. speed). Charging time is two hours (80% SOC) and rated capacity (Vamp) is 48 (40) for overseas models.

Other outstanding technical features of LUCE (which, incidentally, means “light” in Italian are:


-The HHS (HILL HOLD SYSTEM), an Applied Hill Hold System. This is the first electric scooter in the world to be equipped with this device. On starting, the brake is unlocked automatically.

- Anti-locking hydraulic brake system

- Opening and closing type windshield, suitable for all kinds of weather.

- Space is maximized for accommodating a helmet and personal items. In order to prevent traffic accidents due to no noise, LUCE is fitted with an Audio Generator that can x-x-x-x-x-alert pedestrians and other vehicles.


So, why not park your car at home and do your errands or even commuting to work on Ecocar’s LUCE two-wheeled EV scooter? You will not only be doing the environment and fellow citizens a huge favor, but also saving yourself a lot of expenses on gasoline and car running expenses.



Name: Steve Kim Tel: 82-2-784-7119

Homepage: www.ecocar.co.kr

The First Korean company to develop an electric scooter that has started its business in special equipment cars for disease control and fire fight engine through multi-purpose electric vehicles and electric scooters along with a recharging infrastructure development. This green environment-friendly company is creating a new energy paradigm.

Company Information

company information
Contact Person STeve Kim
Company Ecocar Inc.
Address 147-19, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea Ecocar. Inc
Homepage www.ecocar.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/ecocar--1048230
Tel 027847119 Fax 027847119
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