Cylinder heads for medium speed marine diesel engines(Pd No. : 3003354)

(Updated : Dec/13/2013)
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A cylinder head up to 320mm for medium-speed diesel engines is one of critical components to determine their power and performance. It has very complicated structure with three major components such as water cooling air, exhaust gas channels, and inlet and outlet valves. A cylinder head must be with no defectiveness and leakage of material. Therefore, extremely reliable material quality and precise machining is indispensable. A cylinder head is made by nodular cast iron.  


Samyoung cylinder heads are designed by state of the art finite element analysis and manufactured by the latest CNC machines. Moreover, Samyoung has been making most reliable the cylinder heads in the world with their outstanding casting technology. Currently, thousands of cylinder heads are being used in most of major diesel engines with great customer satisfaction.


Even those with little knowledge of engines, marine or automotive, tend to know the critical components of an engine as they relate to things that we need to maintain, replace or the items that we need high performance from. The cylinder head is one of the items of an engine that most users command high performance from. With engines varying so very much a company that can select good materials to machine into suitable cylinder heads at standards of types that markets want is helping many and doing well along the way. The Korea based company serving demand locally and internationally for the highest quality cylinder heads is Samyoung.


The method that Samyoung uses to machine their cylinder heads lays the foundation for their superiority in both performance and in the general marketplace. The design of the cylinder heads is made by element analysis. The cylinder heads are manufactured using the latest CNC machines. The casting technology that Samyoung deploy in their manufacturing has been credited with assisting the company to manufacture very reliable cylinder heads.  The cylinder heads, up to 320mm, are made from nodular cast iron. 


The cylinder heads each have some basic features. The structure of the cylinder heads is that of three major components for water cooling air, for exhaust gas channels and inlet and outlet valves. Each cylinder head is machined carefully using specially selected processes from specially selected materials that assist the cylinder head in its chief task of being reliably free of leakages and with no defects. 


Samyoung cylinder heads are manufactured for many different types of engines too and the company also expresses care in additional product offerings. The company’s additional products are for cylinder lining, piston carriage, piston rings, connecting rods valves, piston pins, piston gears and power pack assemblies. The cylinder heads are manufactured for EMD, MTU, ALCO, Pielstic and MAN B and W. They also do additional types and invite any type of business co-operation associated with machinery and casting, making them versatile business partners.


The Samyoung have various competitive advantages that make them viable and competitive business and manufacturing partners. Samyoung’s extensive vertical integration gives them the most competitive advantages. The company is able to meet its own raw product to final product needs in the functions of design, casting, testing, analysis, machining and in quality control. Able to do these things for themselves they can also do them for your business.


Customers of Samyoung typically express good customer satisfaction about the performance and life of the cylinder heads which has earned the company a premier position in a highly competitive market. The Samyoung company built their ability and grew to supply the Korean National Railways, Hyundai Heavy Industries and many more high profile clients.  They now export to places such as Pakistan, U.S.A. Canada, Argentina, Iran, Turkey and many more countries. Industry certifications awarded to the company include ISO 9002 since 1996 and approval by LR, DNZ and KR. The company has been such a successful supplier abroad from Korea that it is a member of several trade associations such as the U.S. rail institute. The factory premises have been visited and approved by several countries as an additional endorsement to the company’s ability to serve needs in a high quality and efficient manner.


The Samyoung Machinery Co., Ltd. leverages some 36 years of experience. They grew to become a world leading company for the marine and locomotive diesel engine industry.  The company is also surprisingly active in being environmentally friendly. The company offers a great competitiveness in the price, design, analysis, casting assembly and quality control. The excellence of the many years of experience behind the company is not without management awards. Samyoung have been awarded technical, business, sales and now management function awards as they hurtle towards their penultimate goal of greater market share. Samyoung are proud to offer to serve you and meet your needs with quality within a short time span. 

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