3D Solder Paste Inspection System(Pd No. : 3003227)

(Updated : Nov/18/2014)
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Model Nm aSPire 2
HS CODE 903149
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CMMI Level 2
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[Product Description]

Revolutionary 3D Measurement & Inspection Technology


aSPire 2 is the only 3D SPI system (3D Solder Paste Inspection System Main features) that provides a complete solution to the common bottlenecks that hinder conventional Inspection systems. Koh Young’s innovative technology provides true, accurate 3D inspection data by solving a number of critical problems that can result in inaccurate and unreliable inspection.


Koh Young’s patented 3D measurement and inspection technology in the aSPire 2 delivers the fastest, the most reliable inspection results and detailed analysis for achieving real process optimization. Falls calls are eliminated, and product defects are prevented.


[Product Features]

3D Solder Paste Inspection System

- Conventional SPI Bottlenecks

- PCB Warp Can Cause Inaccurate Measurements

- New EasyUse interface with simple Touch-Screen operation maximizes customer convenience

- Unbeatable Inspection Speed and Performance




In a PCB (printed circuit board) the solder paste connects the circuit boards and so while most statistics cite that the solder paste is only 0.5% of the cost of a circuit board it performs vital functions for end products. Because of the importance of the component the testing of it is vital to be able to cite a performance standard for clients. The elimination of defects and false calls can be completely eliminated with  aSPire 2 solder paste inspection system (brand print) from Koh Young Technology Inc. of Korea.


The aSPire2 does have some unique features. The aSPire2 solder paste inspection system is the only 3D system. It provides a complete solution to common problems that cause problems in conventional inspection systems.  More accurate and reliable inspections of solder paste are possible with the Koh Young Inc. system. The performance of the system is due to the patented measurement and inspection technology. The system delivers fast, reliable and detailed analyses.


The solder inspection system also has some general features. General features of the machine include; conventional SPI bottlenecks, a new and easy to use interface with a touch screen that makes the screen easy to use and a highly competitive inspection speed and performance relative to market offerings.

The aSPire2 solder paste inspection system has some system specification considerations. The minimum PCB size is 50 x 50 mm. The machine has two modes of operation and when it is in the precision mode the inspection time (per FOV) for 10um is 0.37 seconds, for 15um 0.38 seconds and for 20um 0.40 seconds. In the high speed mode for 10um is 0.30 seconds, for 15um is 0.31 seconds and for 20um the inspection time is 0.33 seconds.


The aSPire2 has some key features. The features of the microscope include; no false calls, no escapes via shadow free imaging, unrivalled performance and inspection speed, innovative yield, process improvement as well as perfect PCB warp compensation.


There are two machine sizes for the solder inspection system. The large machine measures 510 x 510 mm (20 x 20 inches). The extra large machine measures 810 x 610 mm (32 x 24 inches). Additionally the machine has a range of inspection items. The items able to be inspected are; volume, area, height, offset, bridging, shape deformity and co-planarity.


The company has many industry and client credits from which they can draw as additional convincing evidence for the call to purchase. The company began to receive awards for the conduct and growth of their business soon after they became established exporters. The company has earned the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. The company has received prime ministerial awards and individual members of the company have also been endowed with executive leadership awards. Subsequent export growth for the company also led to awards for exports. Koh Young Inc. creates machine vision technology, intelligent system software and precision mechatronics technology.


The company develops around their core technologies. The company’s core technologies include; shadow free moiré their three dimensional technology, wafer surface inspection technology, four way moiré, measurement technology and stereo moiré technology.


Koh Young Inc. was established in 2002 in Korea. In the company’s first year they established their research and development center and progressed to create their first solder paste inspection system. From their beginnings the company went on to develop their core competency in mechatronics technology. The company began to solve domestic client solutions and by 2005 they were exporting to Europe, the U.S., China and South Asia. The company has facilities in Seoul and Gyeonggi do province. Outside of Korea the company has facilities in Japan, Ireland, the U.S., China and Singapore.


Koh Young Technology Inc

Name: Park, Se Mi Tel: 82-2-6343-6113

Homepage: www.kohyoung.com

Koh Young Technology has been established in May 2002 by members with core competence of world-class Mechatronics technology. Currently we are leading the market with our unique Machine Vision Technology, Intelligent System Software Technology and Precision Mechatronics Technology. Main Product : 3D Solder Paste Inspection System Main features

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company information
Contact Person Gye Jung hee
Address 14F, 15F Halla Sigma Valley, 53 Gasandigital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Homepage www.kohyoung.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/kohyoung-technology--1014003
Tel 0263436000 Fax 0263436001
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